Tesla’s Cybertrucks Were ‘Rushed Out,’ And Are Malfunctioning At Astounding Rates, Report Says

Tesla’s Cybertruck generated a lot of excitement when it first came out. Still, because of several malfunctions and design issues, unhappy owners have been critical of the future electric vehicle.  

Tesla Cybertruck owners have expressed their displeasure with the car’s performance on forums, claiming occasions when the vehicle malfunctioned shortly after delivery. Reports of Cybertrucks breaking down on short trips, having steering problems, and showing rust patches have been circulating on the Tesla Owners’ Club site, raising serious questions about the vehicle’s construction standards and reliability. 

Within a thread named “Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes),” an owner from California expressed their outrage when their Cybertruck broke down soon after it was delivered. The car’s performance fell short of expectations despite its high starting price of $80,000, leaving owners disappointed and stranded. 

Beyond technical problems, several users have expressed disappointment with the vehicle’s functioning and design. Many have highlighted concerns over the Cybertruck’s appropriateness for daily usage because of its auto-pilot feature, insufficient headlights, and subpar windshield wipers. 

A user’s extremely negative review on Tesla Motors Club pointed out a number of imperfections in the Cybertruck’s design and functionality. Owners have expressed worries over the Cybertruck’s charging capabilities despite Tesla’s website highlighting the vehicle’s amazing range and futuristic exterior style.  

Long charging times and allegations of rust stains and corrosion appearing soon after delivery have added to customers’ dissatisfaction. 

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at possible improvements to increase the Cybertruck’s capabilities, the vehicle’s performance issues continue to irritate owners and potential buyers. Tesla must fix these issues and raise overall quality if it wants to keep its position and compete in the electric car market. 

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