Tesla Will Repair The Model S Of The Man Who Damaged His Car To Save Another Driver

Tesla hero germany

The cliche holds true here, “Do good, and good will come to you!” Tesla driver Manfred Kick became a real life superhero when he spotted a fellow driver swerving and skidding at the Autobahn, near Munich, and he came to the driver’s rescue in the most unconventional of manners.

Manfred suspected that the driver of the VW Passat had passed out, so he promptly pulled in front of the runaway car and slowly applied his Tesla’s brakes to bring the Passat in contact with his rear bumper thus, bringing his car to a halt.

Photo: Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook

Manfred then called the fire department while climbing into the Passat and gave first aid to the stricken driver, who was found to be suffering from a stroke. The emergency services soon arrived, and the poor chap in Passat was last reported to be recovering well in a hospital.

Unfortunately, the act of heroism brought some ungainly complications for the driver, with the estimated damages to both the cars amounting to 10,000 Euros. There was also the risk of Kick’s insurance premiums shooting up because of his “stupidly brave” actions!

Photo: Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook

But Elon Musk, our real-life Tony Stark, came to put the icing on this already heart-warming cake, as he just announced that Tesla would pay for “all the repair costs” to appreciate Kick’s heroism.

Faith in humanity restored!

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