Tesla Unveils A Snake-like Robotic Charger That Can Automatically Charge Electric Vehicles

Tesla electric charging

As electric cars become popular, different types of concept designs are being proposed for their recharging stations. Elon Musk’s Tesla is as usual on top of things and has come up with this serpentine-like charger for the electrical charging system. It has also released a new video demonstrating the use of this new development. You can see it here:

The coiling and slithering charger as I see it resembles the working of a normal gas station. But unlike the age-old manual ones, the new electric charger from Tesla can find its way to the recharging terminal of the vehicle on its own reducing the need for a worker for this simple job.
Tesla electric charging2Tesla electric charging
It is also an upgrade over the earlier versions that required additional steps before charging. With continued improvement, these electric terminals can replace most of the gas terminals in the coming decades as the world shifts to greener electrical technology.

This Tesla supercharging station in Centralia is one of four in Washington and Oregon being built by Vancouver-based ADK Electric. (Submitted photo)

The first mention of this new charging technology was done in November last year when Tesla unveiled the new system and told the public in a tweet that it would be compatible with both old and new electric vehicles.
Tesla snake like charger-1 Tesla snake like charger
It is yet unclear whether Tesla will be establishing some of these terminals on the roads to demonstrate their effectiveness. There is also the question of their utility as just home-based chargers or commercial supercharger ones. But despite all these uncertainties, we can be sure that Tesla will continue to amaze us in the coming future with its innovative concepts unlike any other!

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