Tesla Steering Yokes Are Disintegrating Before 30,000 Miles

Elon Musk and the companies he supports are not immune to controversy and social unrest. Recently, the material quality of the steering yoke in the Tesla Model S may have become an issue.

Multiple vehicle owners have posted images of the yoke’s coating eroding on Twitter. However, the coatings on steering wheels get compromised quite a bit over time. However, in this scenario, the yokes disintegrate at an awfully high pace.

The yoke on a Model S Long Range was missing three sizable parts after just 24,000 miles, according to the Twitter user The Kilowatts. Images of a Model S Plaid’s quickly deteriorating yoke with only 12,000 kilometres on the speedometer were shared by well-known TikTok artist jf.okay.

Moreover, renowned celebrity Meet Kevin offered his experience, noting that his Tesla had had the same problems.

The Twitter community has, however, offered hilarious and, in some cases cutting explanations of the issue. In addition, many users defended the owners, blaming them for aggravating the problem with their own wrongs.

A Twitter user looked for a picture of Meet Kevin after his DUI arrest after the comedian was humorously accused of pouring booze into the vehicle’s inside.

Posters critiqued images and criticised jf.okay, particularly for overstraining the yoke. Others made the erroneous assertion that excessive alcohol use was the cause of the illness because ethanol seeped through the skin. Less extreme versions attribute the degradation of the yoke’s coating to lotions or hand sanitisers.

Many tweets attempt to inappropriately shift blame away from Tesla, while some comments are simply bizarre. In either event, requiring vehicle owners to wear gloves when handling their steering yokes is absurd.

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