Tesla Spotted Floating In The Ocean After Its Owner Drove It Onto The Beach

A Tesla owner took a giant leap of faith to take their Model 3 on a beach trip that did not end up quite well. It basically led to the car being left in the water. 

The unfortunate vehicle was found on Monday morning in the water where it was creating bubbles around it as it was mostly drowned. This happened right off the coastline of Carpinteria, California.

It was great luck that the local sheriff and firefighters discovered that no one was locked inside.

This incident indicates that the car owner might have taken it upon himself to prove Musk’s claim of the upcoming Cybertuck being used as a boat too when needed. Similar opinions have been tossed around about Model S too for quite a while. 

According to the local sheriff’s office, as reported by The Tribune, the owner took the Tesla onto the sandy beach (which is illegal) with the idea of it floating for a short while. It might have worked if the tide had not come up!

“We advised the owner, you need to get your car out of the ocean,” a sheriff’s office spokesperson told The Tribune. Sage advice.

It’s a tragic end for such an advanced set of wheels.

This is another incident of how unrailed things are that come from Musk’s end. At the moment, he is caught up in the frenzy he brought to Twitter and for its users. 

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