Tesla Shows Off Cybertruck Interior – With Wires From The Steering Wheel Ripped Out

The most awaited prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck has recently made a public appearance during the Tesla Megapack project commemoration. The project aims to provide giant energy storage capability for the deployment of different schemes. The event took place in California, where this mega factory is located, with numerous jaw-dropping moments for the fans. However, the interior did not go well in the first appearance as per the expectations. It can be seen in the photos that some loose wires are dangling from the steering wheel of the vehicle. It looks not so presentable in such a high-end ceremony and also when you are unveiling the promising look of the most demanded vehicle.

Moreover, the pictures revealed that some parts of the interior have been stripped off, including the mounted airbags and the front camera compound. Similarly, it can be observed that the middle portion of the steering wheel is also left wide open and is giving an incomplete look. Similarly, the enormous windshield wiper has also been reduced to a smaller size, which was considerably larger before. The photos were captured by the local news station, KSBW. We can understand that there exists a possibility of not fulfilling every requirement in the prototype, but what happened in the recent disclosure has left people stunned.

There is no doubt that the model is not presentable despite all the hype that was created for this cybertruck. The delivery of the vehicle kept on being delayed several times, which made the public perceive that Tesla was up to something different and unique this time, but this appearance left no stone unturned in disappointing the general public.

Tesla’s cybertruck didn’t live up to the public’s high-performance expectations despite many promises from Musk. It is expected that the manufacturing of this cybertruck will be accomplished by next year, and now the people just hope it will be better than their assumptions after this ceremony. Coupled with this, it should be noted that this is not the first time a prototype proved to be “janky”, but many prototypes, which Musk revealed before, had some glitches accordingly.

Also, a piece of not-so-welcoming news for those who have pre-ordered their cyber trucks, as they might have to wait a little longer and be more tolerant because the company seems to be concentrating its attention somewhere else.

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