Tesla Reportedly Fired An Employee For Posting Reviews Of Tesla FSD On YouTube

The manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla, dismissed an employee called John Bernal, who was also a YouTuber on the sideline, recording tech assessments of Tesla’s autonomous Full Self Driving (FSD) technology and how it worked in various locales across Silicon Valley. According to media reports, the Elon Musk-owned business has also disabled Bernal’s access to the FSD Beta software in his own car, despite the fact that there are no safety “attacks” on the system.

Ex-Tesla Worker Says He Was Fired Over YouTube Channel Reviewing FSD

His supervisors told him directly that he “violated Tesla policy” and that his YouTube channel was a “breach of ethics” for the corporation. The formal detachment notification, meanwhile, did not give a basis for his layoff, according to the source. Bernal claims that he was contacted by management before after publishing a video in March 2021 showing a series of close encounters with people with reduced mobility when using FSD beta software on a Tesla.

On Tuesday, he shared a video titled “Tesla FSD Beta San Jose Stress Test,” in which he is shown driving about the city Of san Jose in his Tesla to test the company’s newest release of its “full self-driving” beta software. According to CNBC, Tesla’s workforce social media policy does not prohibit public scrutiny of the firm’s products, but the company “depends heavily on common sense and basic judgment of its workers to participate in appropriate social media activity.” Bernal claims that his accessibility to the FSD Beta software was withdrawn after he was sacked.

Tesla employee was fired after sharing video of a crash on Full  Self-Driving Beta - Electrek

Bernal began working for Musk’s electric car startup in August 2020 as a data annotation professional in San Mateo, California. He launched the AI Addict YouTube channel in February of last year to demonstrate what the public release of FSD Beta might achieve after finding Tesla’s “possibly life-saving innovation.”Although Tesla did not provide specifics as to why he was dismissed, Tesla and other Silicon Valley businesses frequently cultivate a culture of devotion. Hidden criticism is permitted, but public criticism is considered disloyal, according to a CNBC article. Bernal’s frank review videos were released on his AI Addict channel, where he also revealed recordings of close encounters and accidents.

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