Tesla Reportedly Delays Cybertruck Deliveries Because Of Windshield Wiper Issues

The Tesla Cybertruck’s enormous windshield wiper is causing significant issues for some owners and potential buyers, resulting in delivery delays and malfunction complaints.

Users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum have reported last-minute delivery delays attributed to this issue. One forum user shared that Tesla informed them the delivery pause was due to a problem with the wiper motor. At the same time, another mentioned their delivery was delayed because of the wiper blade. These reports were verified by a Reddit member who stated that “the windscreen wiper arm issue” was the cause of the delivery delay. Forum members have reported that Tesla has informed them of persistent delays since Monday.

Owners of Cybertrucks that are currently in use are also having wiper issues. When a forum user mentioned that their wiper stopped working when they got their car, Tesla said it would take “a few weeks” to replace the motor. “My wiper never worked,” another owner complained, adding that it took two weeks to get a replacement part. Not all users, though, have experienced these issues; some have reported no problems at all with their wipers.

Tesla says the wiper motor malfunctions are “caused by an internal defect resulting from a supplier quality issue.”

The Cybertruck has also experienced technological difficulties in the past. In April, Tesla recalled it due to a problem that caused the accelerator pedal to become stuck, complicating the vehicle’s debut.

The ongoing wiper problems draw attention to Tesla’s difficulties in delivering the Cybertruck and underscore the significance of dependable supplier relationships and quality control in the development of cutting-edge automotive technologies.

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