Tesla Removed Parking Sensors From Cars To Save Money – But The Results Are Terrible

Tesla has removed front and rear parking sensors from its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in a bid to cut costs and improve profitability for shareholders. The automaker replaced traditional ultrasonic parking sensors with camera vision only, which aims to provide an accurate assessment of the distance between the car and surrounding objects. However, the results have been predictably terrible, as demonstrated by an independent EV dealer and Tesla owner in the UK who shot a video showing the car reversing into a pedestrian at low speed, while claiming it still had room to continue further back.

The video also highlighted the car’s situational awareness map constantly jumping around, showing a large truck in the way of the car even though none of the vehicles around the car had moved during the demonstration. Additionally, the parking tech stopped working altogether for a brief period. Tesla does not offer reverse autonomous emergency braking, a basic safety technology that is available on many new cars.

It is clear that the technology is woefully underdeveloped and needs a lot of work. While Tesla is working on improving the technology and a software update is expected to fix the issue down the track, for now, owners need to rely on their own vision instead of trusting the numbers shown on the screen.

This move by Tesla to remove parking sensors to cut costs raises concerns about the company’s priorities. While shareholders may benefit from increased profitability, customers may not be getting the best value for their money. This decision also brings into question Tesla’s focus on safety, which has been a selling point for the company. If the automaker continues to make decisions that compromise safety, it could damage its reputation and affect customer loyalty.

In conclusion, while cost-cutting measures are necessary for any business, they should not be made at the expense of customer safety and satisfaction. Tesla needs to prioritize safety and invest in developing reliable and effective parking sensors that enhance the driving experience rather than detract from it. The company’s reputation and customer loyalty depend on it.

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