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Tesla Plunges Into A Pool In California After Its Driver Accidentally Puts It Through A Wall

A Tesla driver inadvertently raced through a wall surrounding a Pasadena home. The car and its three occupants were thrown into a backyard pool.

Two nearby preschool teachers witnessed the car falling into the pool and saved the passengers from drowning.

According to a local official, a Tesla driver who crashed into a pool in California on Tuesday morning was rescued by two “good Samaritans” from a neighboring preschool.

According to Pasadena city representative Lisa Derderian, the driver stamped on the accelerator instead of the brake, sending her and two family members speeding through the wall of a Pasadena backyard and into the pool. Derderian stated that one individual was present at the house but was unaware of what was going on outside.

Derderian claimed that two preschool staff members from the nearby Pacific Oaks Children’s School witnessed the tragedy and dived into the pool to save the family, which included a grandmother and a 4-year-old kid.

Police and fire officials responded quickly to the scene, but none of the Tesla passengers were injured, according to Derderian. The vehicle was eventually pulled from the pool.

“These preschool staffers are heroes in our eyes because within just a few seconds, if not minutes, after they rescued the occupants, the car was submerged underwater,” Derderian said.

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