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This German Glue Company Proved Itself By Suspending A 17 Ton Truck Using Only Glue

DELO Has Won The World’s Strongest Glue Record Using A 17-Ton Truck

DELO is a small German company that specializes in industrial adhesives and has recently set a new Guinness Record after managing to suspend, quite successfully, a 17-ton truck in the air for an hour while relying solely on the super-strong glue.

DELO based in Bavaria was trying to show off the fact that it produces the strongest adhesives in the world. DELO decided to lift a truck that weighed in at 17.5 tons one meter above the ground by making use of only three grams of a super-strong glue that was created for this particular event only. DELO uses an industrial crane along with four aluminum cylinders with a cover surface of 3.5 cm (the diameter of a regular soda can) bonded to the truck’s wheels using only a few drops of high-temperature-resistant DELO MONOPOX adhesive. The truck remained hung in the air for a complete hour and thus enabled DELO to break the previous world record of 16.09 tons.

Sabine Herold, the managing partner of DELP, said, ‘We made it! The great result is an absolute team success, which also shows how we work every day. We don’t shy away from challenges, and we know our adhesives can live up to extremes.’ DELO decided to take up this challenge despite knowing completely well that the record for the strongest glue of the world has been broken seven times in the last twelve years. The last record dates back to 2013, and was won by German Aerospace Center. German Aerospace Center, if you haven’t gathered already, was able to lift 16.09 tons using its own glue.

The new world’s strongest glue has been based on a single component, heat-curing epoxy resins that are used in mechanical engineering and automotive industry. DELO has claimed that intricate mechanisms such as electric motors that are used in electric cars won’t be a possibility.