Tesla On Autopilot Hits Police Car In Florida After Getting Stopped


Florida man hits- ehm I mean a white Tesla hit a deputy’s patrol car last Friday. The situation occured during a traffic stop. The white Tesla backed into the patrol car. This incident took place in Flager County, Florida.

The sheriff’s office there said in a report that the white Tesla was stopped after they spotted it driving on the wrong side of the road after leaving a Wawa gas station near Palm Coast. Now, this isn’t the first time Tesla’s autopilot system has not worked. The company itself warns customers to always keep their hands on the wheel even while using autopilot.

The deputy stopped the car and it complied and came to a stop. However, as soon as it stopped it proceeded to back into the patrol car. The deputy walked up to the car saw two juveniles seated in the backseat of the car and no one was in the driver’s seat. Not surprising as the two were 14 and 15 years old.

They said the car was on autopilot when it backed into the car. There was $300 in damage to the Tesla. The juvenile driver was given a citation for driving without a license. The deputies said that “These kids are very lucky that no one was hurt and their actions didn’t have more serious consequences”.

Sheriff Rick Staly concluded that “It doesn’t matter if you are driving a ‘smart car’, driving without a license is still against the law. I hope these kids have learned a valuable lesson and I am grateful that no one was hurt and only minimal damage occurred to their vehicle”.


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