Tesla Model X Crashes Into A Building

Tesla MOdel X crash

Tesla has turned autonomous cars from Sci-Fi to reality. The new autopilot system is working very well on the Model X and Model S versions of the electric car and even though they are expensive, they have come to the attention of the rest of the world as we can sense a long-awaited shift from conventional engines here. But, in the backdrop of this electrical revolution, the autopilot system has garnered critics and admirers alike. The critics believe the technology is too fledgling to be allowed to use right now while the admirers believe that it will signal a new era of traffic sense, which will result in fewer catastrophes on the road and help make them a lot safer.

Now it doesn’t help that people are getting careless with their Teslas and use Autopilot feature when they shouldn’t be doing it. Like this classic example of a Tesla Driver Falls Asleep Behind The Steering Wheel driver fast asleep behind the wheel on a Model S. So, accidents are bound to happen with this kind of attitude towards an in-progress technology, and whenever they happen, critics jump in and demand discontinuation of the driverless feature.

Tesla MOdel X crash2

Same thing happened in last week when a guy crashed his brand-new Tesla Model X into a building, and he took to social media and news to blame the company and autopilot feature for the crash, a claim that was immediately rejected by the company. Tesla investigated and sent a report to Electrek that showed the driver wasn’t on autopilot when the accident occurred according to the company’s logs. It also showed a 100% increase in acceleration very abruptly that resulted in the crash that could never have been caused by the autopilot. Tesla also urged to show responsibility while driving, especially while on the autopilot feature.

Now the driver was obviously faking his story so that he could get a new car or a free repair from Tesla after he had caused the accident himself. It is also worth noting that Tesla’s cars are not your average gasoline or diesel cars. They are capable of lightning speed acceleration and can go 0-100 mph in a matter of a few seconds and so much that they have been called the roller coasters on ground. So, it is plausible that since the car was new, the owner had no idea about the acceleration power of the Model X and the moment he hit 100% acceleration, he probably thought that the system was going haywire.

Tesla MOdel X crash3

Now critics started raising questions about the Autopilot system as the news hit forums on social media. Without question, in their eyes, it was the car’s fault. But, Tesla investigation disproved it and showed how the feature isn’t even enabled at such low speeds like 6mph. So, head on crash into the parking lot couldn’t have happened without human help. So, if you want to be a smart-ass and try to cough up some money in situations like these, Tesla can bust you up pretty easily!

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