Watch This Tesla Model X Beat A Turbocharged Chevy Camaro In A Tug Of War Challenge

tesla model x

Usually, when Tesla vehicles take on challenges, it’s their owners who make the challenge. They are also head-to-head against another electric vehicle. However, this challenge changes the game completely. In a video from Tesla Trip, the Tesla Model X owner takes on a tug-of-war challenge from a Chevy Camaro 350 IROC-Z. This is not the first time when an electric vehicle is going against an American muscle car, but this one is really interesting.

The two cars are joined together and then they both take off in opposite directions. As both cars increase their power and speed, after a few seconds the IROC-Z gets dragged by the Model X for several feet. On the other hand, Model X was barely affected by the Chevy. This was considered a public win against the heavy engine. Chevy fans were not very impressed by the Tesla’s victory anyhow. A comment on the YouTube video by Alfred nonymous said, “There’s plenty of derps to go around here. One, the Tesla outweighs the Camaro. Two, the X is AWD, Camaro is RWD. Three, the X is pulling the Camaro sideways so there are two different traction planes being messed with, not just one on the Camaro. Four, electric motors have immediate torque. Gas engines have a torque curve that peaks.”

Another user said that the win was inevitable due to the huge weight of Tesla. The off-centered tow strap might also be the reason that Chevy lost. David Allen said, “With that advantage, I could probably beat the Camaro with my Nissan Leaf.” This issue can be solved by having a rematch and taking care of the technical equivalence. We are looking forward to seeing a follow-up video of the two popular cars soon.


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