Tesla Model 3 Sets New Record By Going For 975 Km On A Single Charge

Hypermiling is defined as driving in such an efficient way that you get the most distance out of a single tank of gas or a single battery charge. Sean Mitchel and Erik Strait set a new hypermiling record with their Tesla Model 3 on public roads by driving 975 km on a single charge.

They drove consistently for 32 hours at 40 km/hr without using any major power consuming features like heating or air conditioning. They streamed the journey live on YouTube and will inspire other enthusiasts to attempt something similar.

However, the journey completely drained the battery and it is not taking charge anymore. Sean posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “Getting our hypermile #Model 3 towed to the Service Center. After leaving it charged overnight at a Supercharger it is still not taking a charge.”

You can check out the video below:

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