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Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot Slams Into A Truck On Highway

A viral video has surfaced wherein a Tesla Model 3 slams into a truck on the highway with its Autopilot engaged. The video comes from a local Taiwanese news source and has been uploaded on YouTube. The incident involves an overturned truck that was blocking a lane on the highway. The roof of its towed box was exposed to the oncoming vehicles.

It was at this time that a Tesla Model 3 owner – supposedly driving on autopilot-assisted features – was unable to realize that a collision was inevitable. It turns out that the autopilot was also unable to determine this and the electric car ended up getting slammed into the truck at quite a high speed.

The accident was only captured on security cameras and the incident has gone viral on social media. One of the many tweets in response says, ‘Tesla Model 3 plows in[t]o overturned truck on the highway. I’m sure the driver was paying complete attention to the road and wasn’t relying on autopilot because he was told the car could drive itself.’ Non-believers in Tesla are using this accident as evidence that the Autopilot isn’t as safe as the company claims it to be. Luckily, the driver remained uninjured during the collision.

The local media reported, ‘It can be seen from the picture that the impact force is so great that even the truck shakes. It is understood that the Tesla driver was unharmed. He confessed to the police that the auxiliary system was turned on at the time, and the self-driving situation and the relevant transcripts have been completed so far, and the two parties have to face the subsequent compensation matters.”

The video does show that the driver tried to engage the emergency automatic braking system at the very last second – skid smoke can be seen just before the high-speed crash takes place. What do you think of this incident? Do let us know!