Tesla Just Announced It Will Recall 53,000 Model S And Model X Cars Due To Parking Brake Issue


Tesla Model S and Model X cars are having issues with the electronic parking brakes and the company just announced on Thursday that it would recall 53,000 of its cars to fix the problem.

Source: Forbes

Tesla announced on the website that the issue “could prevent the parking brake from releasing.” The problem is not a safety concern and has not caused any related accidents or injuries due to the brake fault. All the cars built between February 2016 and October 2016 are in recall phase as the company announced:

“If you own a Tesla vehicle that was built during this period, we will soon be sending you an official recall notice by mail, which will include information on how to have your parking brakes replaced. In the meantime, it is safe to continue regular use of your vehicle.”

Tesla Model X
Source: Motor Trend

Tesla believes that less than 5% of all the cars have the issue, but the company is emailing all of the possibly affected customers. Fixing one of the vehicles will take 45 minutes as that is all the time required to replace the cars.

Tesla Model S
Source: BMW Blog

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