Tesla Is Recalling More Than 40,000 Cars Over A Software Issue

Tesla is recalling 40,168 Model S and Model X vehicles (2017–2021) over a software defect. This software defect reduces or cuts the power steering assistance when the car goes over potholes and bumps. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is concerned that the sudden loss of steering assistance could lead to a crash. This flaw affects model years 2017–2021 for both Model S and Model X. This flaw first appeared with the 2022.36 firmware update. The fix involves a software patch. Tesla has reported that over 97 percent of affected vehicles already have the new code. “Reduced or lost power steering assist does not affect steering control but could require greater steering effort from the driver, particularly at low speeds,” the administration said.

Tesla said it had identified 314 vehicle alerts for this condition among U.S. vehicles that may be related to the recall, but said it is unaware of any injuries or deaths related to this condition. The automaker said that as of Nov. 1, more than 97% of the recalled vehicles have installed an update that has already addressed the recall issue. Separately, Tesla is recalling 53 2021 Model S exterior side rearview mirrors that were built for the European market and do not comply with U.S. “rear visibility” requirements. The mirrors were installed during U.S. service visits. Tesla issued 17 recall campaigns in 2022, covering 3.4 million vehicles.

After buying Twitter, Mr. Musk has reportedly been working with software engineers from Tesla to look under the bonnet of the social media platform. But his other business ventures appear to be suffering a knock-on effect, with Tesla investors continuing to sell stock. Its shares closed down 5% at $197.08 (£172.41) in New York on Monday, the lowest level since June 2021. Investors are thought to be concerned that the billionaire has become distracted by his latest acquisition and is paying less attention to his other companies.

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