Tesla Is Offering A New Car To The Guy Whose Steering Wheel Fell Off

A Tesla Model Y recently made headlines for a severe malfunction within the electric vehicle. The steering wheel of the crossover detached when the owner was driving his new automobile on the highway.

The electric vehicle owner turned to Twitter to express his anger, posting a photo of the steering wheel in his hands. Following the complaint, the EV manufacturer replaced the vehicle to avoid future difficulties. However, the owner did not have an easy time returning the car.

When Prerak Patel complained, Tesla Service Center determined that he was to blame for the situation and ordered him to pay $100 (Rs 8.263) to repair it. Unsatisfied with the response, the man sent a tweet to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, including pictures of his talks with Tesla and the original bill. Given the circumstances, Patel received a bill reimbursement.

However, the question of ‘who was responsible for the situation and how it should be handled’ lingers. Patel also addressed the issue of the safety of other car owners like him.

Patel then polled Twitter followers to decide whether he should accept the Model Y back with the steering adjusted or wait for Tesla to send him a new vehicle. Twitter users obviously chose the new car, and the poll was easily won.

The Model Y was later replaced by a brand-new car from Tesla. Further, the electric car manufacturer wrote to Patel to say that it would repurchase the Model Y without the steering wheel.

Tesla claims there was no error or nonconformity, though, and that it is not responsible because it acted honestly. In addition, there haven’t been any related recalls.

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