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Tesla Is All Set To Unveil Model Y On 14th March

Tesla is all set for the unveiling of its latest model of electric vehicle – an SUV crossover – that has been named Model Y. The unveiling ceremony will be taking place on 14th March as per Elon Musk’s tweet. The details pertinent to Model Y have been leaking out slowly for a few months now, but there isn’t much that we know about the Tesla Model Y still.

We do know that, according to tweets from Elon Musk, that Tesla Model Y will be built on the Model 3 and shall be about 10% bigger and will cost roughly 10% more as well. However, it will offer less range as opposed to the flagship Tesla Sedan considering the fact that it will be using the Model 3’s battery notwithstanding the extra weight.

According to rumors that are making rounds on the Internet, 75% of the parts for the Model Y will be identical to Model 3. The difference will exist in terms of the Model Y’s hatchback – the part that is most likely to contribute towards the majority of the Model Y’s additional weight and bigger size. Elon has stated that the doors for the Model Y will be similar to those on Model 3 and not like the Falcon doors that are featured on Model X.

The design for Tesla’s Model Y was finalized last year as per Elon Musk. He further stated that Tesla has plans for building Model 3 and Model Y at the Reno Gigafactory and that volume production is set to commence next year. Musk has also tweeted that Tesla’s V3.0 Supercharger Station will be going live this week and shall be made available to the public.

Tesla has also announced last week that the Tesla Mode 3 will finally be available at a price of $35,000 before incentives. Tesla has achieved the strategic goal that it had set for itself and has done so much sooner than was expected. We are sure that consumers would be more than happy for the SUV crossover, and shall enjoy the diversity in Tesla’s lineup!