Tesla Has Removed Cybertruck Specs And Prices From Its Website

From the start, the Tesla Cybertruck appears to be cursed. The vehicle is starting to look more like utopian fiction than reality, thanks to its lacklustre introduction and subsequent postponement to late 2022. Recently, Tesla’s Cybertruck website has been changed to remove Cybertruck specs and costs for each variant of the electric pickup truck.

It comes after the much-anticipated electric vehicle was postponed until next year.

The webpage was updated on Thursday night. It used to show pricing for three different electric pickup truck combinations. However, it suddenly deleted all of them, favouring a single “Buy Now” button with a $100 fully refundable down payment.

The entire spec sheets are also missing from Cybertruck’s main page. Instead, the page gives broad descriptions of the vehicle’s specifications, such as its “up to 500-mile” range.

Tesla’s electric truck pricing has undoubtedly been rethought as a result of the delay. Furthermore, the vehicle will not be available for purchase for another year. However, implies that the company must account for both inflation and price fluctuations in each vehicle component. As a result, the specifications are likely to vary as the company evaluates and refines the final product.

The tight schedule and low cost were always a gamble. The changes to the site, as well as the delays, are further proof of this. This might signal that they are working to develop the Cybertruck, but it’s also possible that they are concentrating on their new beer-brewing venture.

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