Tesla Has Dropped Its First-Ever Commercial On Twitter After Elon Musk Said It Would Start Advertising

Tesla, the well-known electric vehicle company, has taken the world by surprise by publishing its first commercial on the prominent social media network Twitter. This decision comes shortly after Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the company’s intention to launch its first-ever advertising campaign. The clip, dubbed “Drive to believe,” debuted on the Tesla Asia Twitter account and provides an insight into the company’s planned advertising approach, which seems to include testimonials from Tesla drivers.

Interestingly, Tesla chose a relatively low-key approach for the launch of its advertisements. The Tesla Asia account, with only 172,000 followers, pales in comparison to the main account’s massive 21 million followers. Although it is unclear if this is truly Tesla’s initial advertisement, numerous Twitter users have enthusiastically hailed it as such.

To sell its goods, Tesla has always depended primarily on word-of-mouth marketing and Elon Musk’s skilled use of social media. Indeed, Musk recently described Tesla’s Twitter promos as “preaching to the choir.” Tesla, on the other hand, has not commented on this particular video.

The commercial itself features a Model 3 owner and mother of two, who shares her initial attraction to the vehicle’s advanced technology and subsequently developed appreciation for its safety features. The video showcases various aspects of Tesla cars, including the Autopilot feature, infotainment system, Tesla app, and the convenience of using an electric vehicle for everyday transportation.

Interestingly, the catalyst for Tesla’s decision to venture into advertising was a suggestion from a shareholder named Kevin Paffrath, who is also known as the YouTuber Meet Kevin. Paffrath proposed that Tesla should make a greater effort to inform non-Tesla enthusiasts about the company’s products.

Elon Musk, in response to Paffrath’s suggestion, stated in an interview with CNBC that he had only recently made the decision to explore advertising opportunities. He further expressed the view that advertisements should be both informative and entertaining, without leaving viewers feeling regretful about the time invested in watching them. Musk also mentioned his desire to use advertisements to dispel misconceptions about Tesla’s pricing and to highlight the safety features of the company’s vehicles.

In the past, Musk has been quite vocal about his aversion to advertising. Instead, Tesla has focused its financial resources on research and development rather than promotional content.

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