Tesla FSD Saves The Life Of A Man By Driving Him To The Hospital At 2:00 AM

A man’s life was recently saved by Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities, demonstrating that it is more than simply a luxury feature. At 2:00 am, a glitch in his insulin pump and extreme dehydration put Tesla owner Max Paul Franklin in jeopardy, resulting in a dangerously high blood glucose level of 670. Running out of time, he looked to his Tesla Model Y for support.

Having just unlocked the FSD feature the day before, Franklin engaged it with a simple double click on the steering column stalk. To his amazement, the car autonomously navigated the 13-mile journey from his home to the VA Emergency Room, even offering to park itself upon arrival. This quick response not only saved precious time but also allowed Franklin to seek immediate medical attention, despite experiencing a mild heart attack.

The Franklin is a car enthusiast who owns some luxurious cars including Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW but considers Tesla to be at the top of innovation in the auto industry. He not only emphasizes the FSD’s life-saving ability but also how affordable it is, as he saved nearly $1000 worth of fuel consumption while driving over 7000 miles.

In his reply to Franklin’s story, Elon Musk commented that he was glad the FSD has been helpful in a practical situation and also mentioned the transforming effect of Tesla technology on our daily lives. This case reveals how promising autonomous driving technology can be in revolutionizing the process of transportation and emergency response. Though FSD is not yet fully autonomous, needing a driver behind the wheel who intervenes when necessary, its ability to assist at crucial moments, as with Franklin, tells of the potential for saving lives and facilitating movement among people in need.

As Tesla continues to develop and refine its FSD technology, it’s clear that the impact on individuals like Franklin will only grow, making autonomous driving not just a convenience but a lifesaving necessity.

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