Tesla Fans Have Slammed The $75 Cyberbeer – Calling It Hot Garbage

Tesla’s latest novelty offering, the CyberBeer, has sparked disappointment among some Tesla superfans, leading them to express their grievances on social media. Priced at $150, the limited-edition set includes two 11-ounce bottles of CyberBeer, described as a “Helles Lager” with unique hops and flavors of herb, spice, tea, and citrus. Additionally, the set features two “matte black ceramic” steins designed to resemble Tesla’s Cybertruck.

“Tesla Cyberbeer is hot garbage,” one person complained in a post on X on Tuesday. “Not only is the lid RUSTED but the beer is also nasty.”

“Why does the Tesla CyberBeer feel like something I’m gonna get alcohol poisoning from?” self-described social media influencer Jeremy Judkins also wrote in post on X on Tuesday.

Criticism began surfacing on social media, with complaints ranging from a rusted lid on the beer bottle to dissatisfaction with the beer’s taste. Some even expressed concerns about potential alcohol poisoning from consuming the CyberBeer. Notably, Tesla did not immediately respond to requests for comments on the backlash.

While Tesla’s novelty items often sell out quickly, the negative response from superfans is unusual. In contrast, a previous novelty item, the GigaBier, launched in April, was well-received, with customers expressing excitement and enjoyment of the Pilsner-style lager in its Cybertruck-inspired bottle.

Tesla’s history of unique merchandise includes a branded tequila released in 2020, which sold out within hours, and Elon Musk’s fragrance, Burnt Hair, which also quickly sold out despite its unconventional description. However, the CyberBeer has faced criticism for its quality and taste.

“Tesla always makes unique merch. No other car manufacturers releases stuff like Tesla,” Judkins told Insider by direct message on Twitter. (He also owns a Tesla Model 3, according to his bio on X.)

“I expect for $150, most people just treat this set as a collector item and never intend to open it,” he said.

Despite the disappointment expressed by some buyers, there’s a belief that many purchasers view the CyberBeer set as a collector’s item rather than a consumable product, especially given its premium unboxing experience.

Some fans speculate that most buyers intend to keep the set sealed and not open it, contributing to its appeal as a unique Tesla collectible. As of now, the CyberBeer + CyberStein set is listed as sold out on Tesla’s website.

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