Tesla Employees Alarmed When They Arrive At Work And Everybody’s Crying

Elon Musk has a super bad feeling about the economy and intends on cutting the workforce of his company down by ten percent.

An essay for Insider written by former employee details what happened in the ensuing crisis and how being laid off affected the lives of people/family attached to the laid-off employees.

The employee who gave the inside story had been working for a little over three months in the IT department when he was fired. An irrational decision that simply shows how troublesome the carmaker has been these last few years.

“I recalled the scene from The Wolf of Wall Street when the company gets disbanded and everyone’s crying,” the anonymous employee wrote, adding that the scene “felt a lot like that at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California two weeks ago.”

The essay came out the same day Andrej Karpathy, the head of Tesla’s AI department, announced that he was bidding farewell to the company. And as an old proverb goes, “One man’s loss is another’s gain” Tesla’s competitors, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple, are snapping up ex-Tesla workers left and right.

“I started to notice more and more red flags,” the former IT worker wrote. “I saw security around the main entrance, and I saw them walking people out. I saw people crying in the lobby and wondered what they were crying about.”

“And then I remembered that Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out an email last week saying he was going to cut ten percent of salaried people,” they added.

The employee was told without warning that they were being offloaded by their manager and shepherded out of the building by security guards in plain clothing.

“There was a handful of people crying when I got to the lobby,” the essay reads. “I walked outside and saw through the building windows that even more people were in meeting rooms, holding tissue boxes and wiping their tears away.”

Despite the miserable treatment, the employee admitted that “I actually really like Elon Musk.”

“I just wish he would listen more,” they said.

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