Tesla Driver Falls Asleep Behind The Steering Wheel

Tesla driver sleeping

Tesla autopilot is straight out of the future and the few people who have the luxury of owning Tesla Model S and Model X will appreciate the kind of comfort that comes with its autopilot. But, despite all the advancement, the autopilot is still not ready to take over the human in the driving seat. We have seen how it can go wrong previously and it is not advisable at all to turn on the autopilot function and then just forget about the whole thing. But, this is what people and their general lax attitude towards safety comes into play.

This Tesla driver was recently caught sleeping behind the wheel while his car was stuck in congested traffic. Now Tesla has a system that tries to wake up the driver and urges him to take over but I for all people know how people are capable of sleeping through alarms. Here is the full video of the guy sleeping in his Tesla:

The autopilot is far from ready to take over in such situations and if people will get careless like this, there will be accidents and problems for the company and it might invite legislation to ban self-driven cars from the roads. So, let’s hope Tesla takes notice of this driver’s negligence through our blog and put his autopilot on a probationary period. If he won’t stop sleeping behind the wheel, the company will have no choice but to uninstall the software from his system.


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  1. This is the car driver’s fault not tesla ‘s fault . It is not good to ban autopilot due to careless of the driver . Also cases like these occur very rarely .