Tesla Customers Are Angry After They Got Charged Twice For Their Purchases

Some customers have come out saying that Tesla has double-charged them for their purchases without any authorization and warning. Considering how much a Tesla costs, that is a lot of money taken out of their bank balance so of course, they would be frustrated.

The refund procedure gave them a good run around, some customers said. A few customers said they experienced duplicate debit charges from Tesla and one of them even had overdraft fees and finance charges on their credit card bills due at the end of the month. Duplicate charges are pretty common, considering it is all handled by a program, bugs are bound to mess things up sometimes

One of the customers, Tom Slattery, bought a Tesla on March 24 only to wake up the next day seeing that his bank account balance had been reduced by nearly $53,000. He wanted to get a refund but his whole day was wasted trying to call and wait for someone to pick up. Those that did pick up gave no to answer to whether he was getting a refund or not. The employees at Tesla Burbank, California told him to call his bank and have them reverse the charges.

The same happened to Peterson, who also got double-charged and was told by Tesla to have his bank reverse the payment. However, procedures like these usually take a whole month and for wire transfers, once the money is gone, it is gone forever. Unless Tesla refunds him of course.

Another customer, Christopher Lee, even made a YouTube video telling people of he got scammed by Tesla. In his case, the company had no record of him being double-charged. The video starts by him saying “Hey, it’s Chris! And I love Tesla, but in today’s video I’m going to be talking about how I got scammed by Tesla”. You can watch the video below.

Tesla recently announced you could buy their cars with Bitcoins. Imagine getting double-charged for your Bitcoin, oof.

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