Tesla Camera Helps Police Find Man Who Committed Racial Hate Crime

Tesla’s surveillance cameras came in handy as promised.

A 44-year-old man was caught setting fire to a Black church by a nearby Tesla installed camera. The church in Massachusetts was also previously set on fire in a similar attack.

The federal court charged Dushko Vulchev for his repetitive racial hate crime. The guy was also caught on some other surveillance cameras earlier. He was seen setting fire to tires in the area, creating havoc and unrest for the people living in Martin Luther King Jr. The man has been charged with decades in prison for his repetitive violent acts. Thanks to the installed surveillance tech, the police were able to catch the criminal.

On the one hand, these surveillance cameras are providing a fit for catching the wanted criminals. On the other hand, concerns have been raised on how these cameras and surveillance tech hinder the privacy of the general public.

Vulchev, who now faces a sentence in prison, vandalized the car by slashing and then stole the slashed tires, as caught in the recording. However, this incident demonstrates the kind of surveillance that is being done 24/7 on all of us. While providing a tool for minimizing crimes, these cameras are still a direct attack on everyone’s privacy.

“Ultimately, the way Tesla is using an in-car camera underscores the need for stricter rules to protect consumers’ safety and privacy in cars,” Consumer Reports wrote last month. “Automotive innovation must come hand-in-hand with strong and sensible consumer protections,” Consumer Reports safety policy manager William Wallace stated.

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