Tesla Model S Battery Ignited Twice Despite Firefighters Trying Their Best

A report on Tesla Model S crash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, states that the battery of the car reignited twice despite the firefighters covering it with water and foam. The report says that the car ignited when it was being removed from the crash site and again when the car arrived at the storage yard. The report says that the crash occurred when the Model S was traveling at 116 MPH before it smashed into a wall. Tesla has responded to the crash event by adding a speed limit to its cars.

Tesla cars have been accused of igniting for no reason previously as well. This car was involved in a fatal accident in the Mountain View in March when a Model X smashed into a highway barrier and killed its driver. The car had been seen catching fire five days after it had been pulled from the scene. Actress Mary McCormack recorded a video of her husband’s Model S which caught fire while it was parked in a suburban LA street. Tesla has not commented on the report so far and it also seems a little unfair to comment on the quality of Tesla products at this time.

Tesla is already facing enough problems currently without adding anymore controversy to it. Musk was involved in an email war with a former employee over an apparent act of sabotage. The former employee leaked information about the conditions inside the Tesla factories and drew attention to the massive amount of waste which was being generated as well as some very serious claims of punctured battery packs. Tesla filed a lawsuit against the former employee, Martin Tripp and accused him of hacking and sabotage. He says that he is not sabotaging rather he is a whistleblower and is drawing attention to the matters which are in the best interest of the stakeholders and the public.

After Tripp’s leaked information, Musk and Tripp were engaged in an email conversation where Musk accused Tripp of threatening of coming back to the factory and shooting the place up. Musk has also admitted that it was not a good idea to insult a whistleblower before any investigation could be done. Tripp worked as a technician at the Nevada Gigafactory site and has made claims that damaged battery packs were still installed into the vehicles and Tesla is lying about the production numbers to ease the investor tensions.

He said that huge amounts of scrap are being produced and then that scrap is stored in unsafe conditions. Tesla spokesperson dismissed the claims and said that the allegations were ‘easily disprovable’ and Tripp was not a whistleblower at all. The company said, “He is nothing of the sort. He is someone who stole Tesla data through highly pernicious means and transferred that data to unknown amounts of third parties, all while making easily disprovable claims about the company in order to try to harm it.”

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