Terrifying Video Shows Self-Driving Tesla Heading Into Oncoming Traffic

It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that Tesla’s legendary “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) beta is officially out of bounds.

Many videos have surfaced showing Tesla EVs breaking traffic laws, driving on the wrong side of the road, getting ridiculously near to onlookers, and performing incorrect stops and spins. In the current video, YouTuber Galileo Russell had a terrifying experience experimenting with poorly constructed driver assistance software.

In San Francisco, the car decided to turn right and go up the wrong side of a one-way street (shown at the 6:35 mark below).

Russell can be heard muttering, “This is not good. Damn, this is the worst L.”

Considering the ridiculously near-death experience, which may have resulted in a collision, Russell remains enthusiastic about the technology. In fact, the video is captioned “Tesla’s Self-Driving Software Is Getting Good.” He has also opened up about his private Tesla holdings and how he still views the business as “special” that “sets a new paradigm.”

“I just felt like I had to make this video because, breaking news, I finally started to use FSD as just a normal person who drives their car — and I’m a super cautious driver,” Russell said in his latest FSD video.

Despite the horrific incidents brought on by the FSD beta, some of Tesla’s biggest and most devoted supporters seem to ignore the company’s shortcomings, as seen by Russell’s take.

However, we hope that Tesla takes its full-self-driving software seriously and makes the required upgrades to avoid such terrifying events in the future.

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