Terrifying Footage Shows An Orca Tearing The Rudder Off A Boat And Swimming Away

Captain Dan Kriz of the Bali 4.8 has posted a horrifying video of an orca pod attacking his boat and swimming away with the rudder on social media. He was traveling through the Strait of Gibraltar, which has seen an upsurge in orca attacks in recent years, when the incident occurred on April 15.

Kriz clarified that although they did not know where the orcas were exactly, they were aware of their possible presence. He alluded to an earlier assault on a boat that was sailing closer to Morocco. They were going to cross a shipping line and move in the direction of the Canary Islands when they were ambushed. Before discovering that the orcas were assaulting his craft, Kriz first sensed a powerful wave.

Recalling a previous encounter with orcas in 2020, Kriz described being surrounded by a pack of eight orcas for an hour. However, this time, the orcas seemed more determined in their assault. They swiftly destroyed both rudders, showing a precise knowledge of what they were doing while leaving the rest of the boat untouched. Footage shared on Instagram by Catamaran Guru shows the orcas approaching the boat and swimming away with the broken rudder pieces.

After about 15 minutes, the orcas left, and Kriz and his crew began motoring toward Barbate. Suddenly, a large adult orca started chasing them, indicating that the orcas were not done yet. Realizing there was a small piece of fiberglass left, the orca positioned itself under the boat, attempting to finish the job. Eventually, the orcas ceased their pursuit, and the crew did not encounter them again.

Similar incidents have been reported in the Strait of Gibraltar in recent months. Some researchers speculate that a single female, seeking revenge after being hit by a boat, maybe teaching other pods to attack vessels. Alternatively, the orcas might be engaging in play or honing their hunting skills.

These encounters have instilled fear among sailors, leading many to carry weapons on their ships for self-defense. However, Kriz expressed his strong opposition to harming the orcas, emphasizing that humans are encroaching on their territory.

The plight of sailors facing these attacks underscores the need for further research and understanding of orca behavior in this region. By studying their motivations and patterns, scientists can develop strategies to mitigate conflicts and ensure the safety of both humans and these magnificent marine creatures.

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