These Temporary Tattoos Are A Perfect Gift For People Fighting Depression

Depression and anxiety take thousands of lives every year, so any initiative that looks to battle the monster is commendable. This is why these temporary tattoos made by a psychology graduate from London are particularly special, as they are aimed to help people living with mental health issues in a unique way!

“A plaster represents healing and recovery, so I thought this was a great symbol to use,” says Timbers.

The tattoos are no substitute for professional help and medication, but they still are a great way to help people cope with mental health issues. Timber hopes that these tattoos can become a symbol of empathy, and if people spot a person wearing them, they’ll try to be extra supportive that day.

“The temporary tattoos serve as little pick-me-ups and reminders throughout daily life. It’s also a symbol, a way to connect people, and spread awareness of mental health,” she continues.

Depression patients need constant cheering up since they are prone to visualizing problems out of proportions, so a sticker on the skin with a perfect “pick me up” message is a great reminder.

“Because it’s constantly there on your skin, it’s harder to ignore,” says Timbers

Timbers thinks that the tattoos have also helped her create valuable connections with other people.

“Dealing with my mental illness has been one of the loneliest experiences of my life, so realizing there are other people out there, who feel the same, and connecting with them over this project has been amazing,” says Timbers.

You can also buy a box of 15 tattoos with Timbers’ hand-drawn illustrations from Etsy at £4.75 ($6.14). The messages include the words “love yourself,” “treat yourself,” “you are worth it,” “believe in yourself,” and “you are cute.”

The response to these tattoos has been “quite overwhelming” says Timbers.

“Sometimes a customer will email me a photo of their tattoo with their story, and I’ll wear the same tattoo that day, and send them a photo back,” said Timbers.

“It’s like a sign of solidarity and support, even if it’s with someone on the other side of the planet,” she said.

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