Teens Sends Tweet From Her LG Smart Fridge, Starts Viral #FreeDorothy Trend

LG Smart Fridge Was Used To Tweet Giving Rise To #FreeDorothy

Welcome to the age of the Internet where news is comprised of videos of cats, weird challenges, and a tweet that has gone viral this week. The tweet was supposedly sent from a smart fridge by a teen girl after her mom confiscated all of her gadgets.


However, the story surrounding the tweet has been challenged after BuzzFeed News was able to demonstrate on Wednesday that the source label in the tweet, LG Smart Refrigerator, could have been faked quite easily. The fridge tweet is the outcome of the clash of wills of a 15-year old girl who goes by the name of Dorothy and her mom.


As per Dorothy, her phone was confiscated, and she posted tweets that were labeled as coming from her Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and eventually her family fridge. Dorothy’s account, @thankunext327, primarily functions as an Ariana Grande fan page. According to an interview that Dorothy gave, her devices had been confiscated after she ‘was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames.’

LG Smart Fridge Was Used To Tweet Giving Rise To #FreeDorothy

Twitter and LG tweeted their support by jumping on the #FreeDorothy hashtag. Interviews have been conducted via Twitter with Dorothy. Stephanie McNeal, BuzzFeed News, demonstrated that the label could have been faked since the source of a tweet can be changed to whatever the users want to change it to. LG has also stated that its smart fridges do not have a Twitter app that can auto-generate a label such as the one on Dorothy’s tweet.

Dorothy didn’t answer the questions posed by McNeal about her tweets. She also called the skepticism of McNeal as ‘rude.’ What do you think of this whole situation? Do let us know! In the meanwhile, we would like to request Dorothy’s mom to consider giving her the devices back.


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