Team Of Russian Engineers Takes On Tesla’s Wireless Electricity Transmission Dream

Wireless Electricity 2

Who hasn’t heard about Nikola Tesla? He ranks among the top when we talk about visionaries of the 20th century and whenever we speak of electricity (AC power in particular). However, what you may not know is the fact that his goal for life was setting up a device that would allow him to carry out transmission of electrical power without the use of wires; yes genius we are talking about transmitting electricity wirelessly.Wireless Electricity 3

In his efforts to transform this dream into reality, he was able to build a huge tower that would be used for trans-atlantic wireless power demos, but sadly the system was not completed. Why we are talking about this all; because a team of Russian engineers has decided to continue the lifelong work of Tesla and to complete it. For this purpose; they have already started raising funds in order to come up with a prototype that works seamlessly.Wireless Electricity 5

Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov both did their graduation from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIIPT) and have given quite some time (several years) to the original work of Tesla and his subsequent patents. While they were at it; they also conducted a number of proofs of concept experiments and have finally concluded that Tesla definitely was onto something and are hopeful that completing his unfinished project will allow for wireless power transfer.Wireless Electricity 4 Wireless Electricity

The first phase is to construct a modern version of what Tesla created and is known as Wardenclyffe Transmission Tower (187 ft tall). Right now the fund raising campaign is being run on Indiegogo to raise a total of $800,000. The Plekhanov’s have stated that a total of 39,000 square miles of solar panels is all that the world needs to overcome the electricity demand and this can be achieved by creating a farm of 200 miles as one side of the square. If Tesla was right and wireless transmission can be carried out then imagine the potential and possibilities that come with this technology!

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