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Talk Health Is Revolutionising Medical Practice, One Appointment At A Time

The health industry especially that of Pakistan has dynamics of its own. Everything seems to be upside down and no one seems to be bothered about it. Take the customer for example, every industry treats customers as their “Boss”, but patients (customers of healthcare Industry) are powerless and frustrated. The concept of customer satisfaction and customer care is completely missing in the healthcare industry. Patients are completely blind on what options are available to them, and have no idea on how to choose a doctor or health facility. As a result of this frustration towards healthcare, people avoid their visits to the doctor; they either ignore the issue completely until it’s too late or opt for self-medication. Research shows that self-medication is causing a death every nineteen minutes. Even when the patients decide to visit a doctor they are unaware who is the right doctor for their medical condition.

Doctors on the other hand also need a medium where they can promote themselves and showcase their expertise to masses. It is extremely difficult for relatively younger doctors to make a name for themselves even if they are experts in their field.

TalkHealth is an intelligent solution to these problems. Capitalizing the increasing ubiquity of Internet and mobile devices, TalkHealth has created an interactive mobile health network, where doctors can create their profiles, showcase their experience and expertise. Patients can ask questions from doctors, search doctors and medical facilities, add reviews and ratings for doctors and medical facilities and book instant appointments.

This not only provides doctors a platform to promote themselves but also empowers the patients to voice their concerns about a certain doctor or medical facility. Using this valuable feedback of patients the hospital, clinic or doctor will get to know what users are looking for and will be able to improve their services.


It has been two months since the launch of TalkHealth and about forty five five hospitals and clinics in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have already signed up. The hospitals include Ali Medical Center, Maroof International Hospital, Nusrat Hospital, Hope Hospital, Ali Hospital, Health Care Hospital and many more.
Head to and experience the service for yourself while also getting a 20% discount on doctor fees.

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