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20 Mind Blowing Facts That Change Our Understanding Of Time As We Know It

Time changes everything. It changes the people, their collective thinking and even the understanding of the universe. When technology and indeed the world itself is changing around us, we hardly notice it, but once we look back and compare, there are more than a few surprises for us. Here are some amazing things that show just how much things have changed with time:

1. France was still executing people by Guillotine when Star Wars: A new Hope was released in 1977.

2. Every two minutes, we take as many pictures as the whole 1800s combined!

3. In the span of 66 years, we went from the wright brother’s first clumsy plane to landing on the moon.

4. Oxford University’s foundations are older than the Aztec Civilization.

5. A Ti-83 calculator has more processing power than the entirety of NASA’s computing strength when man landed on the moon.

6. The oldest living person’s birth is closer to the signing of the constitution of the United States than present day.

7. John Tyler who became president in 1841 has two living grandchildren.

8. When the first pyramids were built, mammoths still roamed the Earth.

9. The Fax machine was invented the same time people were undertaking the Oregon trail.

10. This is how much gymnastics has progressed in 56 years of women participation.

11. Everything in this 1980s advert exists in a smartphone.

12. When Warner Bros. pictures was founded, the Ottoman Empire still existed.

13. Harvard University was founded years before Calculus was invented.

14. Last time Chicago Cubs won the World Series, women weren’t allowed to vote.

15. Humans are always experiencing a fraction of the past, not the present.

16. It took more time between Stegosaurus and T-Rex than T-Rex and you!

17. This circle contains more life than outside it.

18. There are old whales alive today that were born before Moby Dick was written.

19. This is what’s happening in the world right now as we speak!

20. If the entire history of the world can be compressed in one year, humans arrived here on 31st December at about 11:58 PM!