Wonderful Engineering

Take Your Room Anywhere With Pop-Up Furniture

Folding Furniture? Can wood be folded and unfolded to form a table and a chair, you ask. Well, Yes. It is  known as the pop-up  furniture and just like the pop up books and cards, you can pop it up and you will find a moveable table and chair ready to take along. This idea is really effective for all those people who want to spend their time travelling and camping, because some people are really uncomfortable with the idea of  sitting on the floor and specially if the plan is to camp in a forest, the idea of sitting on the floor gets a little creepy keeping in mind the harmful insects. Hopefully  artists like Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner will produce some pop up beds too to move along.


The table and chair shown in the above picture can serve as a good study table.


This is a popup 4 seater along with a table placed at the front. Its very cozy for you to have your lunch, dinner or tea with a couple of your friends. The experience can turn out to be memorable if this folding furniture is taken to a beach or plain surface from where you enjoy nature while having tea on the popup furniture along with your family.