Take Selfies Like An Engineer Using These 6 Tips

Good Selfie 2

But first; let me take a selfie! Oh yes, we are talking about selfies as well today. Why? Because come on, admit it; we all like to take seflies. The term was coined back in 2005 and has evolved since then into something that is happening all the time now. In fact, we recently covered NASA’s Global Selfie as well. With all hype going on about selfie it comes as no surprise when we see selfies that are just plain gross. Good Selfie 4We therefore, have compiled a guide for our readers so that they may take selfies like a pro and not be ridiculed over their selfies on social media. Read on and implement these tips when you are trying to take a selfie.

6. Good SideGood Selfie 9

This is important; we all know about our good sides and bad sides. Make sure you use your good angles when taking a selfie. Some tips that can help you are rather simple tweaks, for example; take the picture from slightly above to make the face look slimmer, turn your one shoulder in towards the camera if you are including torso in the selfie and try sticking out your neck a little to hide that bulge under your chin.

5. LightingGood Selfie 5

Instead of using the camera’s flash, make use of the natural light. Preferably stand close to a window and take a selfie. The natural light gives it a soft look and will hide any dark shadows as well.

4. Why So SeriousGood Selfie 10

The idea of a selfie is that you just turned the camera and snapped a picture of you; an impromptu picture of yourself. Therefore, it is crucial that you don’t act forced or try too hard to look cool because the end result won’t look good. It will look fake and forced, nothing is a worse than a forced selfie.

3. Apply FiltersGood Selfie

That smartphone is called a smartphone for a reason folks; make use of the filters that accompany your smartphone’s camera. If you want to upload it on Instagram; even better, it has a myriad of filters which you can apply in real time and choose the best one.

2. Do Something InterestingGood Selfie 6 Good Selfie 7

Instead of just taking a selfie with you standing there doing nothing is too mainstream and well, boring. Instead take selfies when you are up to something. Your cat is playing with you; take a selfie, you just painted your face; take a selfie. Make it different from the plethora of selfies which are already floating on internet.

1. Mind the BackgroundGood Selfie 8

The background tells a lot about you and therefore, make sure that your selfie is with a nice background and not taken in your washroom. Be confident and take selfies when you are on a trip or out somewhere.

Note: Don’t become too obsessed with selfie; we don’t want you posting your selfie every hour on internet 🙂


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