Take A Video Tour Of The New US Nuclear Submarine

US Nuclear Submarine, South Dakota Is Ready For Commission!

A new video was posted showcasing the soon-to-be USS South Dakota. The USS South Dakota looks amazing with its incredible interior and exterior. The clip takes the viewers on a guided tour of the submarine. The USS South Dakota is the 17th Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine that has been built for the US Navy and will be joining the service in February.

US Nuclear Submarine, South Dakota Is Ready For Commission!

The South Dakota’s keel was laid down back in April 2016 at the General Dynamic Electric Boat shipyards located in Groton, Connecticut. Virginia-class submarines are 377 feet long and feature a beam of 34 feet while being capable of displacing 7,900 tons. The subs also feature four 533mm torpedo tubes that can be used for launching Mk.48 anti-surface and anti-submarine torpedoes.

Apart from the torpedoes, the South Dakota also packs a strong cruise missile punch. The Virginia-class vessels are being constructed with two Multiple All Up Round Canisters (MACs) that are integrated into the bow of the submarine. The video vividly shows the large round door that belongs to one of the MACs. Underneath each door, six ready-to-fire Tomahawk cruise missiles are present – thus bringing the total of Tomahawk cruise missiles per submarine at twelve. The South Dakota also features a new and more economical Large Aperture Bow sonar array instead of a conventional spherical sonar array.

US Nuclear Submarine, South Dakota Is Ready For Commission!

South Dakota’s interior is spotless. It features wood facades to break the monotony of stainless steel and green on paneling and doors. The galley features a plethora of wild animals that are native to the Mount Rushmore State. The diving station of the submarine consists of colored-touchscreens.

US Nuclear Submarine, South Dakota Is Ready For Commission!

The crew living quarters are quite smartly designed, however, will most definitely be a hassle for those who have claustrophobia. But then again, how many claustrophobes would be on a submarine? A set of living quarters features four bunk beds and an aisle about the width of a person between them.

During the video, the focus alters to a dive test where the submarine dives off the East Coast. The submarine is recorded in 1,805 fathoms of water and executes a test-dive. The Virginia-class submarine’s maximum operating depth has not been revealed.

South Dakota is slated for commission on 2nd February, at Electric Boat shipyards in Groton, Connecticut. As per the US Navy policy, the South Dakota is Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) South Dakota and will be taking the title of United States Ship (USS) following the commissioning ceremony.

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