Take A Tour Inside World’s First Water Tower House

The World’s First Water Tower House Is Amazing!

Have you heard about the YouTube channel, ‘What’s Inside?’? The YouTube channel is known for its videos of tours of some of the most exotic and unexpected places all over the world. The video that we have brought for you today is about their tour of the world’s first water tower house. The humble abode is the first of its kind and quite stylish if you ask us!

The World’s First Water Tower House Is Amazing!

The father and son duo from the YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside?’ takes their viewers on a tour of this wonderful wooden water tower house. You can actually see them becoming mesmerized with the views and the furnishing. The décor has binoculars featured everywhere, and the house also has a surprisingly beautiful spiral staircase.

The water tower house also features a splendid kitchen with a metal table and breathtaking views. That’s not all though; it also has a pirate room that has been designed for kids. The water tower house is exceptionally amazing and even has bathrooms that are no less than a sight to see.

Despite all of the amazing interior furnishings and designs, the best part of the water tower house remains the outdoor patio from where you are able to enjoy a 360-degree view of everything. The building sure has been wonderfully engineered!

The World’s First Water Tower House Is Amazing!

So, how did the water tower house come to be? As it happens, the structure was slated for demolition in the 1980s. However, the locals decided to save it. Investors saw this as an investment opportunity and bought the structure eventually transforming it into this splendor of a house.

We could go on and on about the water tower house here, but we don’t want to keep you from actually seeing it in this amazing video. Go on, check it out and do let us know what you think of it!

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