Take A Tour Inside The World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber

Space Power Facility Is The World's Largest Vacuum Chamber

Welcome to the Space Power Facility! The Space Power Facility is used for the creation of a controlled environment that is similar to the vacuum in space. In fact, it is the world’s largest vacuum chamber.

Technological advancements pertinent to space travel are progressing quite rapidly and making human travel in the galaxy more and more easy with each passing day. The future of humanity among the stars looks quite promising.

When it comes to testing new space technology, the Space Power Facility is what will serve as the secret weapon of many companies that are actively taking part in the space race. The YouTube channel, Concerning Reality, covered the Space Power Facility. You can learn about it in detail and also find out why it is so special and what is the purpose of creating the world’s largest vacuum chamber.

The success of a space mission relies greatly on how thoroughly the technology facilitating the space mission has been tested. The Space Power Facility measures in at 30.5 meters in diameter and stands with a height of 37.2 meters. The Space Power Facility is used for testing by the likes of NASA.

Space Power Facility Is The World's Largest Vacuum Chamber

The facility was constructed on 6400 acres and also features the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility. The Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility is the world’s strongest spacecraft acoustic test chamber. The Space Power Facility also features the Mechanical Vibration Facility; the world’s highest capacity and the most powerful shaker system for spacecraft.

Check out the video below to learn more about this amazing facility and to witness how the space companies are making use of the vacuum chamber for their research aimed at space travel. However, bear in mind that if you want to make use of the SPF, you will have to wait since the facility is booked until 2021!

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