Take A Tour Inside The Lego Headquarters In This Video

lego us headquarters

The father-son duo, Dan and Lincoln Markham, from the YouTube channel What’s Inside, went on a tour to see what is inside the corporate building of the most popular toymaker. They went to the Enfield Hub in Connecticut to explore the US Headquarters of LEGO. The actual headquarters of the company is in Billund, Denmark. According to the YouTuber duo, it is also on their dream list. There are various other locations in Singapore, London, Shanghai, Monterrey, and the Czech Republic.

inside US LEGO Headquarters

The US base of the company mixes fun with practical elements in any traditional office space. Dan explained, “It’s still an office area. It’s not exactly LEGO Land, but it’s still really cool.” Fans of LEGO toys and the company can get a lot of explanation on how the company started and what milestones they are looking forward to achieving.

They also completed building some of the company’s most popular toys including the biggest set till now, the Millennium Falcon. It has more than 7500 pieces and costs $800. The most exciting part of the tour is the model shop. Dan and Lincoln saw life-sized models of LEGO figures like Chewbacca, Jack Sparrow, and other pop culture figures that were made entirely from LEGO pieces. Master builders from all over the world have also contributed to make impressive displays and creations using the LEGO blocks.
So next time you are in the US, don’t forget to visit the LEGO headquarters.

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