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Tableau Automatically Waters Your plants Based On Nature’s Model

Tableau self-watering3

Do you like plants but get tired of their watering schedules? If yes, then Tableau might just be the gadget for you. Inspired by the natural propagation of water in the soil, the new system offers automated watering that prevents under watering or over watering of plants. So, it can be particularly useful for the tricky plants that require strict supervision of watering.

Against the norms of the self-watering industry, the Dutch company Pikaplant based the Tableau system on the natural irrigation opted by nature. It allows the roots of the plants to suck the solid dry before administering more water for them.

The watering unit has enough water for four to six weeks. So, it is an excellent utility for the lazy community. All you need to do is to keep the water reservoir full, and the Tableau does the rest. The water comes to a base from the reservoir, and it is then absorbed by the roots. The bi-valve controls the flow of water based on humidity and other factors. Once the soil is dried up, the cycle repeats itself. It works well with leafy greens, florals and tasty herbs. The design is very spartan and minimal aesthetic sense has been employed.

The project is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. An initial pledge pf 140 dollars will be enough to get you hands on the melodious Tableau providing a sum of 90,000 $ is raised by the project. You can have it shipped to any country, but the cost of shipping will be extra. The retail price is estimated to be around 220 $.

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