Robotic Parrot Is A Innovative New Pot That Keeps Your Plants Watered Automatically


Are you bored with watering plants the old way? If yes, then perhaps it is time you see what technology has contributed to horticulture. The device has been named as Parrot Pot and brings quite a technological advancement to the idea of watering potted plants.

Here, check the Parrot Pot. It is a robotic plant pot that is capable of holding two liters of water along with two liters of soil. The Pot measures a number of variables every 15 minutes; fertilizer, soil moisture, light and ambient temperature. This robot then carries on to provide water to the plant with decisions based upon the data that it collects.Parrot Pot – Autonomous Plant Watering Robot

It can connect to user’s smartphone and relay data to the Parrot’s cloud platform for detailed analysis. This allows the user to monitor the plants via Parrot’s Flower Power apps.Parrot Pot – Autonomous Plant Watering Robot 2

It comes with a database of more than 7,000 unique plants and the chances of your plant being in the database is very high. This will allow the plants to flourish thanks to the innovation brought to the table by technology.

The pot is capable of holding water and thus enabling to keep the plant alive for about 3 weeks. The gadget switches to conservation mode when the water begins to fall sort using only minimal amount of water to keep the plant alive.Parrot Pot – Autonomous Plant Watering Robot 4

The Parrot Pot has not been released yet and no release date has been mentioned. Let’s see how this device works when it is released in market.

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