Syrian Army Showing A Captured Black Hornet 3 Spy Drone Tells How Robots Are Already Being Used In Modern Warfare

It marks another occasion of using modern-day tools in warfare. Syrian troops captured a black hornet spying on their activities and movements. It is not certain for now that whom the drone belonged to, no state has taken the responsibility up till now.

The image above of these Syrian soldiers holding the spying drone is ravaging the internet. War trends have also changed with the advances in technology, more and more armies are getting themselves equipped with such modern warfare tools.

These tools make a huge difference in modern wars, such as the war against terror. These devices once deployed give a complete reconnaissance of the enemy and can impact the strategical points against them.

The news hit the internet when the image of the Syrian soldier capturing the drone was everywhere. The drone was captured on the 19th of July in the country’s northeastern region. Developed by Flir Systems, this drone is just 7 inches in length and weighs around 10th of a pound. It is an agile device that takes out the visual information in no time.

Black Hornet is controlled by a tablet-like touch screen device and a handheld controller to control its movements. Black Hornet could function by setting a location on the GPS as well as could be controlled by the remote controller if insight.

All the functions are tasks that are operated with the tablet-like screen and range to a lot of options in controls. It’s equipped with two full-motion daytime video cameras and a thermal imager

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