Is Synthetic Engine Oil Better Than The Conventional One? Here Is The Answer


The ultimate confusion for every automobile driver is to use conventional oil or the synthetic one. We all have heard how synthetic oil has a multi-grade formula with additives like pour point depressants, and viscosity index. But does it mean that a synthetic one is an obvious choice over the regular oil?

It is true that synthetic oil is better when it comes to its form and function. It also provides better protection at the end of its life, but as the video below elaborates, its longevity is nothing but a myth. Also, the regular oils also contain particles of detergents, anti-wear substances, etc., so choosing between the two is not as straight forward as you think.

We’ll let you watch the video by Engineering Explained for further clearing up the differences between the synthetic and conventional oil such as their naming conventions, flow, protection at different temperatures, and their role in keeping your engine cleaner.

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