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Swimmo is Your Personal Swimming Coach Cum Smartwatch


There are all kinds of smartwatches being introduced around the world. There are the latest Android ones that look a lot like their mobile counterparts. There is also a rising trend of new watches dedicated to a particular task. Swimmo is one such watch that is your ultimate swimming companion and coach.

It is difficult to keep track of your progress while swimming. The laps you have done, the speed you wish to achieve over a certain distance, the heart rate that you need to monitor and the number of calories being burned during the exercise. Swimmo can help you with all of these activities and enhance your productivity in the pool.

The watch is preferred for the swimming pool, but it has been designed keeping in mind both the open water and poolside requirements. It has several nifty features that an help you train better and push yourself beyond the limits. There is a heart rate monitor, a pacekeeper, an intensity coach, a smart calories system and a distance tracking option as well.

Swimmo will incorporate a new tech named Rotate & Tap that is awaiting patent approval. We can use the watch with the help of two simple gestures. As a result, no buttons are required for its function. Its Bluetooth connectivity can be used with an iPhone and an Android device for sharing results, etc.

The pacekeeper allows the users to maintain a steady pace set before. When one exceeds or falls short of that speed, Swimmo starts to vibrate and alert you. The Intensity Coach is also a feature in which the phone monitors your heart rate and ensures that the exercise doesn’t involve raising or lowering your heart rate beyond the advised limit.

Swimmers can keep track of their personal records, and when you manage to beat any of them Swimmo notifies you. This feature can lead to better performance with each passing day. It also helps keep track of the distance you have covered and compare previous results.

The display is 1.29 inches OLED that sets according to the use that the customer puts it through. The battery is impressive as it can last up to 7 days, and it can be fully charged from zero in two hours. The flexible band used is comfortable and anti-allergic since underwater exposure is known to trigger certain allergies in different people.

The watch is stylish enough to win outside the water too. After the initial success on Kickstarter, the company aims to launch updates like open water mode, interval training mode and Pro Stats that can help you get an advantage in different swimming terrains.

The project is currently looking for funding through Kickstarter, and it needed to raise 39,000$ and it has easily surpassed the target and raised over 93,000$ and there are still some days left to go. The base price of the initial commitment has been set at 149 $ and may hit the retail market at around 169$. The cost includes shipping charges.

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