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LiftonDUO Is An Innovative Home Elevator That Easily Fits In Your House

Do you hate climbing the stairs in your home? Though home lift is a luxury we all want, the thought of going through the hassle of having one installed is enough to make anyone give up the idea!

LiftonDUO is an easy way to upgrade your home and give it an expensive penthouse touch. The best thing about the LiftonDUO is that its installation is very easy and does not require you to pull apart the existing structure of your house.


Image Source: Siltz


LiftonDUO can accommodate two people and takes the same space as a small dresser. The innovative design of the two-person lift allows it to fit in any unused corner of your home. The stylishly designed lift is futuristic and easy-to-use. User-friendly design allows the homeowner to hide the lift in a closet or even install it in the middle of the room as a centre piece.


Image Source: Siltz


The Commercial Director of the Stiltz Group, Lachlan Faulkner is all praises about the product:

“Our overall aim is to ensure homeowners live life as comfortably as possible. With the LiftonDUO, customers get to retain their valuable floor space and immediately gain greater mobility. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to remain in their family home for longer as well as enhancing the property’s usability and value.”


Image Source: Siltz


The lift carriage contains the motors and all other equipment inside it which implies no separate installation of motors. The stylish design does not expose the innards of the lift and gives it an aesthetic appeal as well.


Image Source: Siltz


LiftonDUO can be plugged into a regular energy outlet installed in the house and does not require any particular installation procedure.

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