This Swedish Designer Just Unveiled Flashing LED Eyelashes And People Are Confused

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Talk about fashion trends, and you would find more than half of them beyond absurd. Some of them have been responsible for killing people, and we fail to explain the logic or purpose behind ripped jeans, plastic jeans, and mud covered jeans. If you are not creeped out enough already, you should hear the idea of the Swedish Arduino designer for the new beauty trend of flashy, like literally flashy, LED eyelashes. We are not sure if you should call it a trend, but you can expect pretty much anything from this world.


The Arduino designer Tien Pham has become famous after he came up with the techy F.Lashes; the interactive LED eyelashes that stick to your eyelids with the eyelash glue. The eye-catching stick on comes in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green colors, each with different lighting modes. In the ‘follow mode,’ the lights follow the movements of your head, and in the ‘dance mode,’  the lights blink in short intervals whenever you move your body, and the ‘sparkle mode’ individually lights to LEDs to create a sparkle effect.

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Pham revealed his creation at the Maker Faire in the Bay Area and won him the Editor’s Choice award. Photos of the designer have since gone viral, showing off the glowy beauty trend and people are quite confused how to take this one. Whether in a good or a bad way, the designer has gone people talking, and we can be sure this will become popular.

F.Lashes | Facebook

You can paste the F.Lashes to your eyelids with regular eyelash glue, which are connected to a very tiny battery at the back of your head with nearly invisible wires. You can turn the eyelashes on and off or change the modes with a switch on the battery. In case you thought these would be uncomfortable or feel heavy on the lids, Pham says they are not. The only way you will see the emitted light is by cupping your hand above. The F.Lashes will last you four hours of battery time.

If you were preparing to get a pair, you are gonna have to wait as the F.Lashes are not commercially available yet. Tien Pham will launch a Kickstarter campaign in July, and we have no idea about the pricing yet, but Pham said, “I am going to keep the price as low as possible because I really just want people to have these.”

Do you think this will become a beauty trend like the feathered lashes and face tattoos? Let us know in the comments.

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