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Sweden’s Mini House 2.0 Is A Modular House That You Can Build In Just 2 Days

A simple, economical, minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle is the lifestyle that most of the people are opting for nowadays. This shift in paradigm has helped in cultivating the need and growth of small houses. Jonas Wagell’s Mini Houses are the embodiment of these core values. His initial design was that of a guest house, however, the Mini House 2.0 has a lot more to offer.

The first prototypes of Mini House were being used in Sweden back in 2012 and that’s when the company was busy working on Mini House 2.0 that has been released now. The Mini House was designed in such a way that it took very little time to build it.  The house was made using recyclable modules that were pre-fabricated. Owing to its size, the Mini House didn’t require any building permit in Sweden.

The second generation of Mini House is being referred to as Mini House 2.0 and employs the very same principles with the difference being that it is far more developed and contains a lot more options when it comes to configuration. It is a modular design and allows for multiple units to be joined together for increased space. The internal layout can be changed based upon the user’s needs related to bedrooms, kitchen, living space and bathroom. Wooden flooring and interior walls with wood panels are part of the design. Electricity and sanitation are provided as a default setting. The interior fittings and any add-ons will be decided upon and built before construction of home so that the structure is readily available for use. Pre-fabricated sections of the house are delivered to the site via a lorry, where they are then used for construction.

Designer Jonas Wagell said, “In theory, only a plinth foundation needs to be prepared, unless the houses are equipped with kitchen or bath which require further work with sewage etcetera. We have amended the dimensions to be optimized for shipping pre-build.” As of now, the Mini House 2.0 is available only in Sweden with plans of partnering up in Belgium so that shipments to Central Europe can be carried out. The starting price is $29,550 and if you choose a kitchen-fitted house then the cost would increase to $41,860. With a soaring population growth rate nowadays, we predict these are the homes we will be living in, in near future. Check out the video below for more: